Being a parent is so god-damned hard, and so wonderful, and so scarey....and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world...and I do mean anything. My 9 year old son had his fourth grade concert last night. He plays the recorder. God...going to school concerts and programs has to be the coolest thing ever. Seeing those kids go up on the stage, and search the audience for their families, and then seeing their face light up when they see us. Now thats cool. One of the best parts about it is now that my son is 9, it's not all that accepted for him to like it's great fun to watch his face light up, then watch him try to put on his "I'm too cool and old to really care if mom is there or not" face.

Watching my kids grow..and grow up. It's the best. Watching those little blobs grow into personalities and form opinions and's the most humbling, educational, wonderful thing I've ever seen. And I can take so little credit for the incredible people that they're growing into. My 7 year old daughter is already a fearless, stubborn, beautiful person who will probably break mine and dozen's of other hearts. My son is a nerd...he's always been one, and he always will be. And I love it. I was sooo into popularity and cliches in school. Later, in college I realized that the ones who really had it going were the nerds, the unconventional people who dared to be themselves. That is my son completely..and my daughter in her totally UN-nerdlike way.

Today I'm taking them out of school early to go see A Knight's Tale. I think it's based on William Thackery. I'm very excited about it, and so are they, probably more because of getting out of school, but hey...part of being a parent is learning how to take what you get and be happy. My son is into medival stuff...and fantasy stuff. My daughter is into princesses and romance. I'm hoping the movie will have plenty of both.