Ok, I'm pissed. My daughter's 2nd grade class is hatching butterflies, and her interest got us to looking up chrysalis and doing some research. I found out a bunch of really cool stuff, and my plan was to node it today. I went to the node....and somebody (I won't mention names so this doesn't turn into an attack) has cut and pasted a HUGE..and I do mean HUGE....article on some Babylon 5 episode. This node is so long that I really doubt anyone would get past it to read my humble and short node on where a butterfly comes from. So I go to this person's node lists....and the guy is touting himself as everything2's 3rd best writer or some such nonsense. I'm sorry, but that just makes me mad. Cutting and Pasting long long articles directly off the internet isn't why I'm on everything2. And reading those isn't why I'm here either. Ok Ok OK, I'm venting..I know I am, but it bothers me that I can't really submit a node about one of the most amazing wonders of nature cuz some self-admitted ego-maniac decided he was going to cut and paste that day. To his credit, he did give the link at the bottom. Ok, I'm done..and fuck it..I'm going to node the wonderful thing that happens to form a butterfly anyway.

*Kisses her node/exp ratio goodbye, cuz an enemy has probably been made*