First part I remember of my dream is that I'm moving again. Packing things up, putting them in boxes, hauling them down some long stairs and loading them up. As usual in my moving dreams, I'm not prepared, and there's just so MUCH STUFF. It seems never to end. There's a huge garage/shop with lots of neat stuff in it...very expensive tools and great furniture. Somehow, it's been left by the previous owner and although I own the house, it belongs to that person. There are piles and piles of tires in all sizes. I ask someone what those tires are for, and the reply is that the tires represent the ex-owner's retirement. I guess the guy is gonna sell all the tires and live off the proceeds. Also, a reoccuring theme in my dreams, and one that I haven't had for a long time returns. As I'm exploring all the cool stuff in the garage I find a locked door. I can barely peek through the crack, and I realize it's the old attic room from previous dreams, filled with really cool stuff, mainly chairs, but vaguely scarey and threatening.

Then I'm in the next part of my dream. I'm in a hotel, apparently at some training session in Portland. As usual, I lose my key and get another from the clerk. I have somehow scored a HUGE amount of cocaine. When I go to my room, it's decorated like a wild west saloon, complete with a galvanized tub for a bathtub and a single cot for a bed. I also am sharing a room with a man. Somehow he and I start talking, and find out that we're basically soul mates and the inevitable happens. As we're laying there, my friend Dena walks in. She's somewhat surprised, but happy for me. He has to travel to some other town in the morning, so basically that's the end of our involvement.

What does any of this mean? Hmmmm...moving has been a common theme in my dreams lately. I don't believe it's literal, but rather a symbol for me moving on...maybe moving beyond some things in my life lately, mainly everquest and depression. The tires? Dhokarr. Everquest friend who works at Les Schwab. The locked room from my past? Not sure..maybe more growing and exploring to do. chairs? what's the deal with chairs? resting? sitting back? relaxing? The hotel and me always losing my keys...this always happens in my dreams. Key? hmmmm must be something i still need to learn to unlock something? sounds good to me. the guy? not sure about that..or at least not willing to explore it here. actually i'm pretty sure.