I am mowing my lawn and i discover a large ShastaDaisy growing in the grass. It has several flowers, and they are somewhat deformed. I am surprised to see the plant there, as it is large and I've never noticed it before. I have to decide whether or not to leave it there, which would take some work, or just uproot it, leaving the lawn undisturbed. I decide to let it grow, and am proud of my decision.

My dime-store dream interpretation:The lawn is my life, simple and content, a bland green stretch of grass. The daisy is a person i recently met, who stretches me and helps me grow and flower. It would be easier to just eliminate this person, keep things smooth and simple. But I've decided not to. I like the stimulation of this person, and am willing to work to keep him in my life. I am proud of deciding that, and the dream reinforces that.