The Astrodome is 710 feet in diameter and 208 feet high. An eighteen story building would fit easily inside the dome. The Dome itself covers over 9 1/2 acres of ground, and the playing field is actually 25 feet below street level. Lighting the field consumes more electricity than a city of 9000 would use. The Astrodome was the first stadium to use separate Astroturfs for baseball and football, each kept in a pit in center field and rolled out on a cushion of air. The Astrodome can seat over 63,000 people. It is commonly said that the biggest crowd ever at the Astrodome was 65,943 at the Houston Oilers vs Kansas City Chiefs playoff game in 1994. The truth, however, is that the largest paying crowd ever at the Astrodome was for a performance of Tejano singing star Selena at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 1995, where 66,994 fans crowded the stadium. This was Selena's last major public appearance before her death in March 1995.