The question has to be asked....guys, if you could suck your own cock..would you? Would you swallow? Women, if you could lick your own pussy...would you?

Strange thoughts for such a beautiful Sunday, but there they are. I guess they all came from my thinking about an old friend I once had named Steve. He had a dick so long that he could suck on it himself. Steve was also a crank addict, and his family life was about as dysfunctional as they come. He was raised by an alcoholic drug addict mom who had a succession of biker boyfriend/husbands, most of whom beat her and her kids, at the very least. There was sexual abuse, incest and lots and lots of violence and drug abuse. Steve grew up and created a home like the one he grew up in. He married a woman from a background much like his. They created their own little haven of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and drug and alcohol abuse. His kids grew up to have their own kids at 14, marry abusive men, and get arrested for small time crimes.

Steve was my friend. Steve had a heart so big that it made me cry sometimes. Steve was a major fuck-up, in part because he didn't know any better, and partly because Steve just plain had bad luck. Steve worked harder than anyone I'd ever met, yet he couldnt keep food on the table or pay the bills. I'd go to Steve's house in the winter, and the house would be cold because Steve didnt get enough wood to heat the house all winter. The kids would be eating ketchup on noodles because Steve forgot to work that week. Steve did terrible things to his family, but somehow, he was always forgiven, because of his background, and because of his utterly charming ways, when he wanted to be charming. Steve was a survivor.

But Steve didn't survive. One night, after a fight with his wife, Steve jumped in his car and said he was going to the bar to get cigarettes. Anyone who's ever lived in an alcoholic family knows that going to the bar to get cigarettes is code for going to go get drunk out of my mind. He got about a half mile from his house and was going too fast for a turn. He smashed into a tree, and as my friend who broke the news to me the next day said "Ol shuffle didn't make it". His funeral was an incredible spectacle of dysfunction, uncontrolled emotional outbursts and raw grief. Steve is dead, but his legacy lives on, and that thought makes me want to cry.

Steve could suck his own dick, and he did. In the end, it didnt make a damn bit of difference.