We can obey something or someone and still have Free Will. This is an argument made by many philosophers concerning freedom. Isaiah Berlin constructed the concept of two types of freedom: positive and negative. The first is when we, as an individual or community, place restrictions and rules upon ourselves. The second is when we have no restrictions. If we combines these, we have a "truer and more humane" (Berlin) world.

Point: as long as we protect ourselves and do not infringe on others' crucial human rights, then we should be free to do as we wish, taking into consideration any morals and obligations we may have embraced through family, church, or state.

If one sticks to this premise, life will flow with no concern of its meaning. Paraphrasing Curly from City Slickers, the meaning of life is one thing, and one thing alone. But we must figure that out for ourselves as we go.