Tuna Tapenade

Ever been surfing the web late at night, trying to ignore that nasty gaping hole in your stomach, and found that there is nothing in the fridge?
If you got some canned tunafish and crackers left, this might be a nutritious and delicious snack:

* Tuna Tapenade (tuna dip) *


- a can of Tuna (oil or water based)
- mayonnaise or similar sauce.
- salt, pepper and maybe some seasoning like basil or oregano
- lemonjuice
- a bottle tiny chopped pickles (or cut them yourselve)
- spoon of capers

Put the tuna in a bowl together with some mayonnaise (start off with two spoons). Stir well until the tuna is thoroughly broken up and in small pieces. Add capers and a spoon of small cut pickles together with some pepper and seasoning.
Use salt as you like, though tuna is often quite salty already, and a little bit of lemonjuice. Mix until you have a smooth kind of substance!
Add (and mix) mayonnaise to meet your own taste, or to cream things up, and eat it with toast or crackers!

For a good result, use a blender or mixer, works absolutely great for this recipe!