NYU in London is the name of New York University's study abroad program in London, England. The center is located at 6 Bedford Square, in the Bloomsbury region of London. NYU Centers are recognized worldwide by their Purple and White Banner. The building is a beautifully restored Georgian House that once belonged to Lord Eldon, the Lord Chancellor during the 18th century.

This beautiful building was acquired for a lot of money by NYU, which spent even more money restoring this fine facility. The rooms of this mansion have been converted into classrooms, but maintain the flair of a stately home, as they still contain chandeliers and fireplaces.

The Bedford Square facility is located right off of Tottenham Court Road, near the intersection of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. It is a short walk from Soho, Leicester Square, Soho Square, Russell Square, Charing Cross Road, Oxford Street, and Covent Garden. In other words, a perfect loation for a study abroad center. The Center is next door to the British Museum and University College of London, which is known for its commanding landmark, the Senate House Library.

The program itself is mainly for NYU students who wish to spend a semester and take classes abroad. There are also several students from outside NYU who participate in the semester abroad. The program is run by a highly disliked individual, who is despised by most of the staff as well as the students. The professors are British and are generally very much liked by the students due to the small class sizes and interactive nature of their courses.

The reason NYU students enjoy study abroad so much is that programs like NYU-L allow them to feel like they are really at a college. There is a strong sense of community and campus, which is something NYU kids do not have at home. Most students dorm at the Newman Street dorm, with some others dorming in Belsize Park and St. John's Wood.

Other cities where NYU offers study abroad programs are Paris, Madrid, Prague, Florence, and Buenos Aries. The University also has plans on opening future centers in Tel Aviv, Africa, and Asia.

My advice to any students who have not yet studied abroad: GO ABROAD! It is a highly worthwile experience that really does change your life. If you're interested in getting more information on NYU Study Abroad programs, open to all students, visit http://www.nyu.edu/studyabroad.