Today I read manga for the first time!

It all started when I found a comic I hadn't seen before. It was there one the table in our living room. "Oh well, what has she spent our last $3 on now...” The name was Manga Mania. At first I was very sceptical, since I had no experience with manga what so ever. I picked it up and opened the first page. The first thing I read was: "If this is the first thing you read, you have done the mistake most newcomers does. In Japan they read from right to left, which means that if you continue reading from this end, you will start at the end of the story."

I flipped the magazine over, and became even more sceptical. I started reading and from the very first page I was stuck with the magazine. I spent the next hour reading, and when I was finished I said to myself: "These guys did the impossible; they made a comic magazine better than pondus!” After that I phoned the company who distribute them and purchased a 12-month subscription for Manga Mania.