Electrical device that is used for adjusting sound. Often referred to as EQ. The cheap EQs only let you adjust bass and treble, while the most common ones (and the more expensive ones) let you adjust all frequencies.

EQs became popular in sound engineering during the 50s. Today EQs are used EVERYWHERE where there is a concert, theatre, or anything else that requires sound engineering. EQs allow the technicians to decrease the volume of frequencies that have ugly sounds, while increasing others. EQs are also good for preventing feedback by lowering the threatening frequencies.

Today we have both analogue and digital EQs. Digital EQs have the advantage of being smaller by having multiple lines connected to one control. The downside with digital EQs is that its easier to mess things up, since you sometimes adjust the wrong line.

Electrical components such as TVs, amplifiers, mixers, and CD players usually have at least one built-in EQ.