"Simply The Best!"

And so true. Pizza Nova is not the biggest pizzeria franchise in Ontario, but it is high-quality circle of food, especially when compared to its major competitors (Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut, and 2 For 1 Pizza). And unlike those heathen opponents of the chain, the blessed Coca-Cola is the beverage of choice for the store.

Pizza Nova is officed at 2247 Midland Ave. in Scarborough, Ontario, with their flagship store at 2272 Lawrence Ave. E. It is family owned, and has grown from one store in 1963, to over 100 franchise locations, and continues to expand. In addition, Pizza Nova has opened in both New Jersey and Florida.

On top of all this, and another test of popularity, the Pizza Nova song is a popular sing-a-long for drunk students across the southern half of the province.

If you'd like to order pizza from Pizza Nova, call (416)439-0000 if you are in the Toronto area, or check their website at www.pizzanova.com for your local store's phone number. Store operation hours are:

Monday to Thursday 11am to 1am
Friday and Saturday 11am to 2am
Sunday 11am to 12am