Enough with the minimal film reviews, people!

I was (un)lucky enough to see this film some years ago. For the benefit of those who have been unlucky enough to not see it yet, I will give a brief description of the plot and major events. Note that the following text may contain spoilers; while IMHO it would be difficult to make the movie any worse, you might not want to read on if you want the (bestial) plot to be a suprise.

Spoilers follow...

Are you SURE you wish to read this?

OK, here goes....

I saw the movie some years ago, so my recollections may be somewhat damaged... if so, sorry!
The plot centers around a doctor and this chick that he has a major, if sick, crush upon - most of the film features just these two people, although the good doctor's erstwhile girlfriend does show up at one point. (They make out with the truncated Helena watching voyeuristically, he fantasises that his girlfriend is Helena, he cums in his pants and sends her away in embarassment. Silly man.) The girl that he has a crush on has some sort of accident near him, and he is first on the scene to treat her injuries. He takes her back to his house, and amputates her leg because it isn't worth saving - then keeps her a prisoner in his home, albeit one that is waited upon hand and foot, while he tries to convince her to have sex with him. As the film wears on, he amputates all of her limbs, and eventually brainwashes her into 'loving' him, whereupon the girl's husband or boyfriend or pimp or something bursts in, discovers what has happened and knocks over a vase which breaks on the doctor's head, knocking him out. When he wakes up, he goes to the hospital where she is, to find out how she is... only to find that she has all her limbs... he dreamed the whole thing while unconscious after the accident. Apart from being a really lame ending, isn't such a plot device (...and then I woke up, and realised it was all just a dream) supposed to be one of the hallmarks of bad writing?

Watching this stinker led me to the conclusion that it is a kinky porno film thinly disguised as an arty flick, succeeding not in either capacity - too little pr0n for porno, and too crappy for an art flick. Take my advice and avoid it like the plague!