I was at my friend’s birthday party yesterday. I had no choice; it was being held in my basement. There were about fourteen people there. What was so striking to me, however, is how separated everyone was from each other. There were fourteen people at the party; there were seven groups of people. Absolutely no cohesion. Everyone was separated into their own little groups much like water does in zero gravity. They would come together to greet each other, exchange pleasantries, and then look around for the person or persons that they wanted to spend the rest of the night with.

The first group was Joanie and Chachi (names have been changed to protect the innocent). They’re getting married in a year and a half because Joanie loves Chachi and Chachi loves her right back. I’ve inexplicably landed in their wedding party. I barely know them. Now I feel a responsibility to act much friendlier towards them. Its exhausting, but a necessary evil. Joanie and Chachi are in a stage in their relationship where they are deeply in love with each other. It gets very uncomfortable when they express that love to each other in public. They like to make out with each other very often; using tongues and caressing each other. Man, what the fuck, get a room!

The second group is the only other couple at the party. Millie and Billy have been going out for several months now. They seem very different. Millie, who’s birthday is the one being celebrated, is very much into clothing, makeup and other girly things. She’s currently pursuing her PhD. Billy is a guy who may have completed college or may not have. I don’t know him that well, but I don’t think that he has. He wears jeans and a t-shirt and upon first appearances, seems like a guy who’s not headed anywhere. They are different people sharing each other. From what I have heard from my friend Millie, he’s co-dependent which is perfect for Millie, she is too. They have that much in common.

Next are Laverne and Shirley. Two girls that have developed a strong friendship with each other. I have a thing for Shirley. I pursued it and I was rejected. Laverne lives in my house part time, it makes it easier for her to commute to work. I have also developed a stronger friendship with Laverne in the past several months. I spent the first half of the party quite envious of Laverne’s friendship with Shirley. Purely immature guy stuff. I sought with Shirley the type of relationship she and Laverne shared, except that I also wanted intimacy. It didn’t work out because she didn’t show interest in me. That’s an ego buster that bothered me for sometime and it prevented me from truly enjoying myself for the first half of the party. Both girls will be leaving soon (one to the west coast and one to New England) which is another bond that both now share.

There was also a group consisting of only guys. The two guys were Jay and Roach. Jay is a pothead in law school. Roach is a pothead working towards getting certified in some field in computers. All I remember being discussed between the two of them is how Jay was surprised that Roach didn’t follow sports at all. Jay felt that it made Roach less of a man. Roach isn’t much of a man so maybe Jay is right. You see, Roach had a girlfriend that treated him like shit and he took it. His girlfriend, Magilla let him off the hook earlier that day by stating that she wanted to see other people. They’re both better off. Jay is in law school and is one of those people that certainly prove that one can never judge a book by its cover. One look at him and you think he’s an overweight goomba with a future in construction. He’ll be a lawyer in about a year and a half. He worked hard for it and deserves it

The largest group at the party consisted of four people. Inigo, Magilla, Sicilian and Bitch. They were conspicuously hanging out in another room. Inigo and Magilla feel they are superior to all the others. They seek to transform others into what others are not. Inigo and Magilla have a very interesting relationship. For lack of a better word, they want to bang the shit out of each other. Yet, neither of them have the guts to go forward with it. Instead, they fawn over each other like two twelve year olds at recess. They tease each other and play with each other while in the back of their minds, dirty little thoughts invade their conscience. I don’t know Sicilian too well and I unfortunately know Bitch. She’s a stupid bitch.

The last two groups consisted of one individual each. The first group was Yag. He’s a hairy Turk with man boobs who thinks he looks good naked. I think he’s gay and doesn’t realize it yet. The day will come when he make a left instead of a right and ends up at the Blue Oyster. That will be when he discovers his new life. Yru, the author, was in the last group. I’ll refrain from making any observations about him because they may be biased and I wasn’t able to hold a mirror up to my face long enough.

All in all, a sign of the times. People in there twenties, looking for a direction in their lives. From this, I concluded that as we all collectively drive down the road of life, we all come to forks in the road. Some of us go left and some go right. As the road continues, the group gets smaller and the individual roads get further and further away from each other, until you can no longer see those people that originally joined your journey. Along the way you pick others up and some take the ride with you but most go on their own separate roads. Today, I saw a piece of everyone’s journey and I saw how far away many of us have already gotten from each other. Eventually, most of the people at that party will no longer be able to see the each other.