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This is a tight ass site.
I don't know what the hell to say here.
I'm 16, male, bisexual from California.
That's boring.
Let's move on.
My favourite net-radio station is Factory118 (
I like punk, folk, techno and hip-hop.
Right now my favourtes ae Moby and Black Eyed Peas.
I usually steal mp3s but I'm actually going to buy those CDs, cause I love them and I want to support them.
I'm totally a Linux Geek. Just all the way baby. It's my favourtie operating system.
But right now I'm pretty annoyed with GNOME and KDE, someone needs to come up with something better! That s hould probably be me, but I wish...
I'm learning lot's of things.
I'm gonna learn Objective C (Cocoa), GTK+ and GNOME programming.
I love GTK+ it is sooooo easy to program in.
I wish I had sound on my Linux side. Right now I'm in MacOS using Audion because in RedHat LinuxPPC I can't get the fucking sound to work. I tried 'sndconfig' but it doesn't work.
Hey does anyone besides me want a PowerBook G3 with MacOS X? That is the best system ever. Although it has trippy Linux supports. It does work though, I know lots of people.

As you noticed I'm a PowerPC head, because I hate Intel. I like AMD though. SPARC is cool too. I think that 68k and m68k is awesome too. Have yoiu ever seen the AmigaOS? It's trippy. A/UX is awesome too, it's basically like MacOS. It only works on m68k though.
Anyways, you can go now.