I'm just guessing on the date here because jessicapierce made me put this in a daylog.

I met her in John Harvard's. She was 5'2, 95 lbs, 19, cute as hell. We had lunch. She was crazy, it was immediately apparent--maybe on heroin. (Later that day she said she could score me heroin, but I shouldn't do it.) I saw some of my classmates so I showed her off to them, introduced her. I pull hot chicks that don't look like dorky law students, tell the world.

I walked her back to my 8x10 dorm. I told her to take her clothes off because she had been a bad girl and she needed a spanking. She shook her head--she had this way of shaking her head without saying anything. Her eyes were wide yet distant. I got angry. I told her she knew she needed a spanking, and that she needed to take her clothes off. She shook her head again.

I grabbed her, took her over my knee, and spanked her as hard as I could through her jeans. She started kicking. I told her I was going to take her pants off--I was in control now. She didn't resist as I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them to the floor. She was wearing boy pants. She said, "Please can I have my spanking on my underwear." I told her that she needed to show respect, and when she spoke to me she should address me as "Sir." She said, "Please sir, don't take my underwear down." I told her the spanking needed to be on her bare bottom.

I pulled her boy pants down exposing everything she had. She was so petite that even with her legs closed you could see her anus and pussy. I stiffened in my boxers. I spanked the hell out of the girl. She cried, "Stop, you're spanking too hard." I told her she wouldn't dictate how I chose to spank her. She was there for discipline. But she said I was spanking her like a fat girl and that I would hurt her.

I started spanking her a little easier telling her what a bad girl she was and feeling around with my fingers--feeling that sweet love box and all around and up. She said she felt uncomfortable with this because it was our first time together. I didn't push it. I just spanked the hell out of her again. I made her stand in the corner for five minutes while I stared at her red butt.

She wanted me to say she was a good girl. It was really important to her, she was so earnest. I said she was and stroked her and cuddled with her in my little bed. She acted like a little girl. She played with my stuffed animals and said silly girlish things like "I'll be your best friend if you let me put my underwear on." I let her and we cuddled for hours.

She had to go to a Red Sox game with her brother. She said she didn't think she would be able to sit. I rubbed some lotion all over her butt and touched her in the naughty places several times. We hugged and I walked her back to the train. I came home and masturbated.