My lease was up. My dorm did not open for two weeks. What could I do? I posted an ad on my school's Yahoo group. A cute little law student, about 5'0, responded. I lived there free in her two bedroom apartment for two weeks. It was really cool. Her boyfriend/fiance was rich. I had to feed the fish and do all this stuff to their aquarium.

It was really important to me to do a good job with the fish. It was very hard. I had a nightmare that I killed the fish. Somehow it had leaped up and I squashed it under my shoe. The fish seemed so humanlike, like the penguins.

the next day i was missing a fish. It was a clownfish, like the one I dreamt about. I thought it was hiding under a rock. I saw something floating. i thought that couldn't be the fish. i let a day go by. i didn't see the fish. i started to freak. i saw the thing floating. i scooped it out. it doesn't look like a fish. maybe a disintegrated fish. the crabs had eaten it. i had killed the fish. it was very traumatic. i was trying to be responsible. i'm a good person. but let's face it, i looked everywhere so it had to be the fish.

i called the cute little girl. i still remember her face vividly, so cute. i felt bad. i talked to the fiance. he said make sure i leave the lights on when the aquarium light goes out so the fish don't get startled and run into the wall and die.

well anyway, this was in August. Now last May, I'm just chilling like always. And my cellular phone rang. and it was the girl. why did she call? i had not spoken to her since august. she called at 1am. that's strange. so strange.

i called her back. i didn't even remember who she was. i said, i got a call from this number. she said it was (leaving out the name). i said i don't know anybody by that name, sorry. i asked why she called. she said i called her. i really didn't, not possible. i hung up. but then i remembered who she was. i double checked in the school's phone registry.

the wedding was scheduled for right after the school year. i don't know why she called at 1 am. i don't know why she lied and said i called her. i just hope she's happy.