Reminiscing about what happened this day. Eventful day.

I need to buy a suit for interviews starting next month. I drink coffee at Caribou Coffee in Dupont Circle. I read the Washington Post. I take the train to Pentagon City. I don't eat anything at the mall because I feel fat.

I go to Macy's. The suits are cheaper than those at Brooks Brothers. They look more shapely but less professional. The salesmen want to help they. They always want to help, I don't want help. You know what I hate? When you go to a food court and you get the employees hounding you with the chicken on toothpicks. This one Asian bitch in Union Station cries out "yummy yummy yummy" every thirty seconds while holding a toothpick with some greasy chicken. Might as well work in a massage parlor you whore.

OK I digress. I decided not to buy a suit because I was feeling ugly and fat and didn't want to try them on any more. So I went across the street to Best Buy and bought a Norelco electric razor and an electric nose hair removal system.

I came back and used the razor. I don't want to have folliculitis or ingrown hairs on my face. The nasal hair removal is amazing. I don't have to pull them anymore.

Then I went to Tryst. I had a salad. Yummy yummy yummy. I worked on my laptop programming in C++. I'm writing a program to analyze correct poker play. The mathematics is far too complicated to decisively tell you how to bid. Instead I'm simulating table behavior and running thousands of hands, averaging to get a probabilistic measure of what each bid will win/lose me.

It's a very difficult program for me because I have to model other players' responses based on their hands. It is difficult to get empirical data on this because you never know what someone folded, you only know what they show down. So you have to estimate. I hope that estimation is good enough, as it will allow me to find bidding strategies that take advantage of reasonable play.