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I am a character, I have lots of personality, I am smart, I am strong, I am passionate, and I am new to this. I have experiance in Diesel mechanics, in the US Army i was a 63-S (heavy weight vehicle mechanic, also a HEMTT Wrecker Operator) then after my 18 month tour in Iraq i came home and now working for Peterbilt and Rush hopeing to take over the PDI's..........I like to have fun as much as possible, everyone has flaws and differences and that is what I love to find in others. If you?re just like me, I could of stayed home and stared at myself in the mirror. Get it. I love that you are human, and not perfect and if you think you are, well then,,,,,,Fuck You too! Hee Hee. I have different views from a lot of people but I am also the Justice card, I have opinions based on experience or from seeing BOTH sides of the fence, and all can be justified and explained. I have also spent most of my life with guys, so I understand them and yet I am a female and know how my slightly stubborn mind works. I love to learn, I love Classical music and Opera, I am fascinated by the human body, I often look at the stars when I can, I smile at the moon, I love Nature, I often Horseback ride, I play the Harp, I love Dragons and Big Cats, I can explain how a great many of things work, I love art (in all forms, acting, paint, etc.. Just let your creativeness out), I am a sucker for long hair, I do enjoy both sexes ? both are very beautiful to me, I love to drive fast, I want to learn how to ?squirt?, and the one thing I am working on about my self is my fear of commitment and ?opening up? ? so I do need patience. I am caring and carry a lot of spunk with me, or at least I try to. I also find entertainment in the smallest of things, so anywhere I go ? I have a smile or smirk, whichever I choose to give.

Yes, this is I - Yotzka