ASP Response Object : PICS Property

The PICS property adds the value of the PICS rating field to the pics-label field in the response header for a document or site. There are a number of different rating systems, but the main one (used the most) is the RSAC (Recreational Software Advisory Council) system. (See for a more complete explanation of rating services.)

The RSAC (copyrighted) rating system contains four categories:

(The - (letter) is the shorthand notation for that label. v is shorthand for the Violence rating.) Each category is ranked on a scale from 0 to 4, with higher numbers being more risque. (0 is equivalent to a G rating, 4 is equivalent to a NC-17 rating.

An Example using the RSAC system:

  Response.PICS("(PICS-1.1 <> labels on " & chr(34)
& "2000.08.08T08:15-0500" & chr(34) & " until" & chr(34) & "2002.12.31T23:59-0000"
& chr(34) & " ratings (v 0 s 4 l 0 n 4))")
(Note: chr(34) is VBScript's way of inserting the ASCII double quotes (") character.)
This would result in the pics-label in the header specifying that the sexual content of the named site was ranked as a 4 (Explicit sexual activity; sex crimes) and that the nudity content was also ranked as a 4 (Provocative frontal nudity).

The PICS property will accept any string, regardless of whether it is a valid rating or not. If the PICS property is set multiple times on the same page, then the last setting is the one which the pics-label header will be set to.

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All code is my own (and is rated (v 0 s 0 l 0 n 5)).