1994 album by Eric Clapton.

From The Cradle is Clapton's tribute to the music whose "instant physical feeling of excitement and fear was my original impulse to be a musician." He covers songs by blues greats like Leroy Carr, Eddie Boyd, Lowell Fulson, Willie Dixon, Freddy King, Elmore James, and Muddy Waters.


The names in parenthesis were the copyright holders at the time of this albums production. For all of the above (as far as I know), these are the original writers.

all along this path i tread,
my heart betrays my weary head,
with nothing but my love to save,
from the cradle to the grave....
Rhyme from liner notes, written by Clapton and the source of the album's title.

Liner notes of From The Cradle.
Music To My Ears, Timothy White. Henry Holt 1996.