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I said once (and I meant it when I said it) that the word love wasn't used enough. I said that love should be the first word on our lips in the morning and the last word in our minds in the evening. I said love could not be spent like currency. [i am not playing a zero sum game|Love is not a zero sum game]; there is no way to run out of it. Before I said that, I would say that the word love was used too often. I said that people would use love as an excuse, as a [in love with being in love|crutch], as a method of distraction. [Love was a word spoiled by casual romantics].

I never once tried to reconcile the two positions with each other. They were polar opposites. I wrote it all off as a simple change of mind. But I was too easy on myself. At times, my mind shifts and rolls like the ocean. I hem and haw on an issue until I have seen both sides so often I can barely tell one from the other. Too much love, no, not enough, or maybe, maybe...

Maybe neither of the two.

Lately this is all I hear. Love. Lately this is all anyone seems to want to talk about. I just want to feel love once, or, I just want to tell [him][her] I love [him][her], or, why doesn't [he][she] tell me they that they love me because they must because I do, or, I just want to [fuck|make love] to someone, somewhere, anyone anywhere, who wants to make love to me too. And they toss around the word love as if there's no other word to describe such a powerful feeling, and if there isn't another word then language has failed us and we should all just stop talking and give up any hope of a world where words are enough. A world where I can send you a letter and you will read it and know that when i say [love|this] I really mean [you make me happy|this], or when I say [love|this] I really mean [you touched me when I needed to be touched, and for that I will hold you in my heart forever|that].

I have not loved as much as some, but I have loved. I have not lived as much as some, but I have lived. [Don't lie to me and tell me you're any different]. Don't lie to me and tell me that you know.

You're all poets. Stop pretending you're not. Give me a new word to use, give me a new way to show you how I [fall|feel], or give me a reason to believe that when you say [love|this] you really mean [love|this].

if this was a rant, it was directed at all of you. if it wasn't, then you may take it as best suits you.