Familiar is also the name of a Linux distribution for the iPaq handheld and similar StrongARM based mobile devices. It is something like a cut-down Debian distribution. It comes with a package manager, called ipkg, which is very similar to the Debian package manager in that it can download packages itself, and automatically downloads all required dependencies. A full installation of Familiar is approximately 20 megabytes, this includes all your favourite Linux commands, X, Python, gtk and various media players. It leaves you with about 12 megabytes to play with (there seems to be a clustering of mobile devices with the following specs: 206MHz StrongARM, 32MB Flash, 64MB RAM, 240x320 VGA screen).

Familiar is supported in a number of ways by the remnants of Compaq, by, for example, providing web space for the project at: http://www.handhelds.org.

Its big brother is Initimate (geddit, Familiar is something that follows you around, an Intimate is like a more capable familiar).