I've actually been doing a bit of research on the topic, and basically there are no good contraceptive techniques. I'm talking here about their use in a marriage situation, where the partners are using a particular technique for an extended period of time, mainly to prevent conception, rather than to prevent the spread disease. Let's take a quick look, shall we?

  • Condoms: Application disturbs progress, can reduce the pleasure for the man and/or woman, you can't use them with organic things like whipped cream ;-) and more. Plus, somewhat surprisingly, they are not that good. Over a one year period, they only have a 90 per cent success rate.
  • The Pill: Some women may be emotionally affected, may also cause cramps and other side effects. Plus, in the long term, may lead to cancer. But at least it's effective (about 98 per cent).
  • Depo-Provera: Ouch! Injections! Frig! Not to mention the emotional roller-coaster involved for the woman.
    Note: This was added after the nodes below about Depo-Provera for completeness and from suggestions from others
  • Vasectomy/Hysterectomy: A bit of a permanent choice, huh?
  • IUD's: now shown to cause nasty health problems.
  • Rhythm method: Not very effective. Usually only about 75 per cent success rate. Also inconvenient ... have to record temperatures, remember dates, etc.
  • Coitus interruptus: Leaves both the man and the woman unsatisfied. Anyway, what the point, since precum can carry semen anyway?
  • Update 28 Sep 2000: The latest contraceptive technique is to give men even more testosterone, which has the strange effect of making men temporarily sterile, while at the same time making them more horny. A little pellet of testosterone is inserted subcutaneously (i.e. under the skin) and lasts about 3 months. Great! Like I want to be more horny and I want my testicles to shrink. Not to mention having a lump underneath my skin ...
So ... maybe God designed us to have kids.