A beautiful park in the south of Sydney, about 20km south of the centre of the city. Sort of the companion piece to Ku-ring-gai National Park in the north.

As well as the usual bushwalks you'd expect in a National Park, there are a few other pleasant surprises. There are Aboriginal engravings within the park that you can walk towards.

The park includes both saltwater and freshwater. Ocean fishing is allowed, but river fishing isn't.

There's a little suburb called Bundeena in the middle of the place. It's cute but kind of parochial. Bundeena beach is nice.

But the must-visit place is definitely Wattamolla. Wattamolla is this beautiful lagoon that opens up into the ocean. It's got beautiful terrain, natural waterfalls, a quiet beach and a sandbar in the middle that gets cut off at high tide. You can jump off the waterfall into the lagoon, but it's about a 5 meter drop, so only for the brave of heart. Quite safe though.

If you're a surfer, though, you have to go to Garie beach. The waves are huge, I think because the steepness of the sandbar. Warning though: it's seriously dangerous; and there's not usually any lifeguards on duty. Great fishing there too.