A man who has his fingers in far too many pies, but gets away with it. His Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing was one of the first and still one of the most highly regarded texts on web publishing. He is also a lecturer at MIT, where his course on software development for the Web is highly regarded. His e-mail address has not changed since 1976: philg@mit.edu. He has recently founded ArsDigita, which is a company that specialises in developing community-oriented web sites for Fortune 500 companies. They offer the ArsDigita Community Server as open source, and it's gaining a lot of recognition (it runs on top of AOLServer and Oracle). He is an avid photographer, and his site photo.net is considered one of the best sources for information on photography on the Web. It also hosts photo album services for thousands of people.

He's also quite an entertaining speaker and a genial guy, and obviously quite intelligent. Probably a multi-millionaire.

His home page: http://philip.greenspun.com/