An adventure game where you play, well, you play yourself. Your soul has been pulled into another world -- Omikron, where you have to fight the demon Astaroth. In the storyline, the game is actually a device used by Astaroth to capture people's souls, and you won't have your soul back until you finish the game. The graphics are pretty stunning ... high-end 3D Polygon rendering. Within thin There are about 6 different cities to visit, each with a different feel. When you die, you don't really die, you just "jump" to the next person who touches you -- hence you are a nomad soul. You later also learn to transfer yourself to others without dying. Each person has different skills and abilities, so you may want to transfer, for instance, to make use of an academic's intelligence.

The voice acting is crappy, but the soundtrack is very good, and David Bowie features in the storyline and as a musician ... you can see a virtual performance by him in the game, and it's not just a gimmick.