A novel by K. W. Jeter. It is set in the near future and involves a detective called McNihil (yes, really), who has implants in his eyes and brain that make the world around him look like film noir. He is asked to investigate the murder of an executive from the DynaZauber corporation. McNihil's wife is dead, but still "operating" to pay her debts. He visits her occasionally.

It is funny, twisted and grotesque, but also makes good reading; mainly for the twisted ideas.

The book is full of fascinating (and rather dark ideas), such as punishing copyright violators by turning them into speaker cables for defrauded authors, polyorgynisms (don't ask), "connect" as a swear-word and so on.

It's very similar in many ways to some of Philip K. Dick's work, in particular Blade Runner's "source" Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?; but much much MUCH darker. K. W. and Philip were friends, and K. W. has also written two sequels to Blade Runner.