A bit of a comment on amelinda's point. Occam's Razor does not necessarily indicate that there is no God. If anything, it is much simpler to believe that the universe was created than the theories now suggested by scientists that, out of nothing, for a reason that we don't quite understanding, the universe began to exist where there was not before through a Big Bang. Also, Paul Davies who won a Templeton prize for his book The Mind Of God (with whom I disagree on many things) points out that saying that the universe came into existence as a result of physical laws is just giving a name to something we don't understand; we do not understand why we have the physical laws that we have today. Why were these particular physical laws "chosen" rather than another set? So the explanation "the world came into existence as a result of the principle of physics" doesn't really explain much, it's like saying that "the person is sick because he has an illness".