Some things to consider as a result of this law:

Any transmitted electromagnetic signal must be far stronger at its source/origin than is required at its destination. This is intuitive if you think about how loud one must yell to reach someone at a great distance.

What this implies is a tad scary, it means any remote control or cellphone or anything else hits you with far more energy than it does the TV or the cell-tower.

It is good to note that the energy that hits you if you were to move any distance from the transmitter would be related to the square of that distance. This is a very significant decrease. So hypothetically, if your cellphone were on the desk even two or three feet away from you, and you were using a bluetooth or wire headset to connect to the phone, you would be being bombarded by significantly less energy than would be the case if you were using the cellphone directly.

This also explains why there is serious concern that police officers could give themselves cancer by using radar guns while people who get scanned by radar guns over a large distance regularly will have (presumably) no adverse affects. (Of course in the case of police it is also an issue of prolonged exposure.) (Professor Pi says there was a study among female police officers relating breast cancer to wearing mobile phones on the chest. Among police officers there was a higher incidence of breast cancer than a control group.)

Someone please correct the logic here if i am wrong at all. Also it should be noted that the goal of this writeup is not meant to be alarmist, simply illustrative of everyday applications of the inverse square law.

thanks everyone for all the feedback and corrections