Noise. We all suppose that there is that which we hear, the signal, the message, and there is that which we ignore, the noise.

That works in a very subjective and unenlightened world. Let's consider a conversation amongst a number of people. If I happen to be listening to one thread of a conversation, I would consider any other threads of the conversation noise.

What if all noise were actually signal to the right audience?

A further example: Something initially incomprehensible to the listener, in the case of myself, let's say Mandarin Chinese, would be noise. Yet if I learned to speak Mandarin, then it would suddenly become signal.

These examples all tend to deal with Noise as it pertains to the individual, but not to an object, like for example, electromagnetic noise. This however, wouldn't be noise but might be information if one was studying that particular electromagnetic radiation, let us say the solar wind. Or if it was interference on the radio, that may be other people using other radios, or pulsars or who knows what, but it might all be information/signal directed at other people/objects than oneself.

What about cosmic background noise, or the noise of virtual particles? All these things can impart useful knowledge when one makes them the signal rather than the noise. And Finally, what if signal/information is simply the constructive interference of noise?

What if the framework in which information exists is actually noise? What if things only have the meaning we give to them? Or would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? What if the human experience is founded in prejudice?So the question may be better asked: "Is there Signal?"