Some platform games (both 2D Mario-style and 3D Quake-style) try to be cute by making the player take damage from colliding too hard with solid objects. This damage can range from one health point to instant death. Some say that this enhances the game; others say too much realism merely cripples the gameplay.

  • Donkey Kong (arcade, NES): fall more than 2 m and die. (This is just wrong; even I've fallen farther than that without a scratch.)
  • Donkey Kong (Game Boy): fall more than 6 m and be momentarily stunned; fall more than 12 m and die. Hit your head while riding a conveyor belt and die.
  • Tomb Raider: similar to Donkey Kong's system.
  • Super Mario 64: 25% to 50% when falling on hard ground; stun when falling on powder.
  • Doom, Quake: some damage (generally less than 5%) depending on height
It's not limited to platform games:
  • Descent: 1% for hitting a wall.
  • Gradius and other similar shooters: touch a wall and die.
  • Star Fox: 10% or more for hitting a wall; wings can break off.