Online, the term Mojo can mean

  • On Kuro5hin, "a time-weighted average of comment ratings, in order to set the 'initial' rating for each comment" (K5 FAQ). Imagine if Slashdot karma were based on the rating of the 50 comments visible on your user page. Those with Mojo above 3.5 (normal values range from 1 to 5) can rate comments with a zero.
  • The currency of Mojo Nation. You lose a huge chunk of Mojo for publishing content or searching for content. You gain Mojo only for leaving a high-bandwidth connection open to other peers. This is supposed to solve the tragedy of the commons, but all it does is turn off those with transient and/or low-bandwidth connections such as a dialup analog modem.

No, you can't buy Mojo with Mojo.