It wasn't until after I had submitted and integrated ASCII Art: Cats that I was informed of an

* E2 Policy Change! *

dannye says I'm sorry, but we had a meeting and decided that ASCII art, just for the sake of itself, is not a good idea for E2. Hope you understand.

I take this to mean "If ASCII art dominates a writeup instead of illustrating what is already explained in the text, it does not belong on E2." Call it pulling an Asamoth if you will, but I have removed the ASCII art from arm and hammer and whistler's mother at dannye's request and had several of my old ascii writeups nuked and moved their former contents to

Update 03:11:32 Fri Jun 29, 2001

dannye referred me to further discussion of this topic at Editor Log: June 28, 2001

Do NOT put more than a couple kilobytes of text in your E2 scratch pad!

There is a limited size available for each user's data (user settings plus homenode contents plus scratch pad contents), and if you exceed that, a buffer overflow in the Everything engine will wipe out your user settings and your cached number of writeups, sending you back to level 1.

UPDATE: nate has set an 8 KB limit on the scratch pad; it shouldn't fsck you up as bad now.