1. Jet Set Radio, called Jet Grind Radio in the US. See also Jet Set Radio Future.

2. A 6502 instruction that pushes the program counter and jumps to a new instruction stream. It can be parsed as "Jump to SubRoutine" or "Jump and Save Return."

  • Function: PC - 1 => Stack; N => PC
  • Updates flags: none
  • Opcode numbers:
    abs   JSR $5597 (6 cycles)

Note that because JSR pushes the address minus 1, you must account for this when retrieving the arguments from calls of the form

  jsr prodos_entry
  .dcb write
  .dcw write_args
Super Mario Brothers uses this technique for its switch statements; ProDOS uses it for syscalls.

Similar: JMP | BRK | RTS
See also: 6502 instructions | 6502 addressing modes