DISCLAIMER: No, I didn't dream this all on one night. This is an ongoing attempt to connect many of my wildest dreams into one semi-coherent story.

I was an agent.

My partner and I were in a town that looked like it was in late 19th century America. After I talked to the locals a bit, a lad sold me a strange unicycle based on what seemed to be a modified, shortened bicycle frame. It had one wheel in front connected to the pedals by a chain. The whole contraption was counterweighted so that by leaning forward, I was able to keep my balance. Another boy led my partner and me to what he claimed was his home. A door in the basement led us
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to an underground tunnel world. The little fellow and his friends guided us through the wide pipes until they turned tail on us and ran away.

Eventually, we found our way to an exit that led to a school. This school was different in that it had a shopping mall and a health club right inside the school building. It was probably an elite college. (How 31337!) Anyway, a few thugs chased us all the way to a dead end in a restroom. My partner jumped down a large drain pipe. I complained to my partner that she had been playing too much Super Mario Brothers, but I followed her anyway. We found ourselves in a restroom in a doctor's office; we could hear a doctor talking in the next room about a deadly disease and thought it would scare the bullies. Jumping back down the pipe, we returned to the school restroom and reasoned with the thugs, telling about the awful disease we learned about.

To make sure we would not get hurt, we dashed to the nearest exit. Turned out we were in a Commonwealth country. We found scissor-shaped bicycles and left; a friendly gang picked us up. We rode through private property and found ourselves some dogs who needed better masters than the ones they had. Eventually, I recognized a house that looked strangely like my home. I opened the door, let my partner in first, and inside was...

...the enemy headquarters, with police waiting to capture us. They took us to the Rockefeller Penitentiary. But on an activity break, we found
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a secret exit. We looked for an exit in typical James Bond® fashion but didn't find one. On the other hand, we found a well-hidden area
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inhabited by aliens whose heads were twice as big as ours. They could also pull their small bodies into their hollow heads.
My partner turned to me and asked, "Precious Moments?"
I responded, "Peanuts?"
An alien about 80 cm tall, wearing what looked like an orange parka, came forward to speak to me, but I could not understand its muffled speech. Luckily, it still understood me, and another little alien was there to translate.
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UPDATE (December 3, 2000)

I found my old dream log! Now I know when I dreamt this: