The first night back from winter break, and it's lucid.

I'm taking an English test in a room where there are two separate (both female) teachers. I have to copy all instructions from each test to the other, and both to a separate piece of paper. I raise my hand and question the point of all this ... At the end of the hour, I realize I have forgotten where to go for my next class. I try the computer (an all-in-one LC from the early Power Mac days) and the network, but I have forgotten the name of the school and what grade I am in. Once I start typing up my experiences to use later in an E2 daylog and noticing that SimpleText has many more formatting options (including rotated text that some poems use) than I remember, I recognize I'm in a dream. I delete the document, knowing that there's no way I can e-mail a document from the dream world to the "real" world but feeling comfort in the fact that typing the document may have hardened the experiences in my memory.

After I hear the bell and leave the room, I begin to ask everybody I meet how to escape a dream. I even try humming that tune Ron tries to use in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The layout of the school building seems to resemble a warped version of my old high school. Eventually, I arrive home and fall asleep. I wake up in this world, where I have a laptop that runs Windows.