Lots of node maintenance today!

01:00 UTC

I go out for a walk, but not in the traditional sense. I put my knees into a pillowcase, pull a shirt over my knees, and put a coat on over the whole thing. Gloves, a cape, and a hat complete the ensemble. Now I look like a legless person; I walk by swinging my body between my arms. It's a very good workout.

04:00 UTC

I look all over for some libraries that aalib depends on.

05:00 UTC

I give up and try NetPBM instead. I make my first hard-core ASCII art node: Colin, the Pin Eight mascot.

06:15 UTC

I use up all my votes and get the +15 XP bonus.

06:45 UTC

I work EDB into the argument against I want to be an Eloi.

The rest of the day

I'm getting awfully close to Level 5. I'll top it off with more work on a novel I'm noding for Project Nodeberg.