Happenings off E2

I'm developing a clone of Centipede for the NES. If you know 6502 assembly language or can draw convincing graphics in 8x8 pixels and three colors, /msg me.

Happenings on E2

Dammit, there was a fire drill while I was writing Frankenstein was the monster's name also The name Frankenstein, and I didn't get time to clarify the point (it's a surname) until after the New Writeups effect had passed.

Colin is now wearing an E2 shirt. On that same topic, I'm starting an E2 Coloring Book node-ring; if you want your ASCII art added, /msg me. Editor Log: June 28, 2001 tells why ascii-art for its own sake is no longer wanted here.

Jigglypuff song has been added to noding music. And now you can't get it out of your head.

Node of the day

cute language: I need input from the conlangers in the audience.