(node your homework: my final essay for a humanities elective course)

The students taking GL283 (Indigenous cultures) at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology during fall 2002 have read about the Menominee of North America, the Dinka of Sudan, the natives of Wogeo, the Canela of Brazil, and the natives of Samoa. I have chosen to write about the Canela in detail because I consider them the most interesting of the cultures that we have studied. This essay will describe the Canela customs and social values, giving comparisons and contrasts to those of the other groups and of a generalized industrial society, which I will call the "Nacirema". It is based largely on the work of William and Jean Crocker, who described the Canela in a 1994 ethnography.

  • Canela history
  • Canela kinship soon
  • Canela rituals soon
  • Canela sex soon

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