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My first home '57-'62 was at 25 Claremont Ave New York, NY 10027-6813 (1.2 miles from the Apollo Theater in Harlem).  It was a poor apartment with cockroaches and plaster peeling off of the walls.  We had a black and white TV and Jewish neighbors.  I probably was lobotomized in Michigan ~ 1963 after leaving there but, I remembered the operation only recently.  I was five years old and recall walking into a dingy medical clinic and being placed on a surgery table with a towel over my face and screaming and screaming while a doctor pushed sharp things into my skull.

   I was given a neuroleptic nerve gas type drug after a concert even though mental health was never treated seriously in my home up until about 1977 when I was asked to go to a mental ward by a suspiscious indvidual.  I was told the drug was painless and knowing the Law School faculty, I thought it must be some kind of marajuana.  Books say it is the most commonly prescribed drug and that 10% of people taking it will die immediately.  It's the drug causing the, "Haldol Shuffle" or the similar, "Harlem Shuffle"  I couldn't keep my eyes open and felt the worst pain from all over.  A docotor at the University Medical Center gave it to me because my father's second wife is a retarded pest and felt I harmed her worthless baby.  The people in my house made a perverted, hysterical complaint to a Dr. Traub and he paralyzed me like I was a real bad dude.  Mellarill also causes CNS damage because while you are on it people call you stupid and respond to everything you say or do as though you are a dumb mute.  In other words, even though your nerves receive an impulse to flee because of a burning sensation caused by the drug, your peripheral muscles are not allowed to respond.  The nerves day after day get messages of sleep deprivation and burns so normal neural pathways are destroyed and the brain is made stupid.  Notice mental patients in a stupor like a dumb animal;  this is exactly the effect of major tranquilizer and it has permanent effects.  My father and the doctor said I had to take their drug or not leave the hospital and about 1 hour later I was on the ground convulsing and a horrified neighbor was on the phone to 911.  I couldn't move one of my legs properly and my neck felt like it was going to break.  I was overjoyed when my father died in 1982 because as a Law Professor at the   University of Utah - he was an S.O.B.  I don't see how this kind of collaboration between Law and Medicine benefits anyone that isn't a crook but I have seen the most popular Lawyer joke on the internet;    


           What is the most popular gift to a graduating Law Student?               Of course the answer is a Lobotomy.



  My father and stepmother were both in the legal profession and neither was worth a cent at either music or athletics.  My swimming career was over before I met my stepmother and I didn't much care for swim racing at the Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City.  Because my inhumane and socially immature stepmother removed me from her home in 2001 I had the opportunity to attend college.  While studying, I wrote to Mark Spitz and found that a gold medal I had was for some reason that I can't put a finger on, a US Olympic.  As you can imagine from a lobotomy, my parents were not very supportive of the swim team.  After the lobotomy I felt tired and lethargic and never heard one word about it from anybody.  The same is true of my swim experience as I starved for air and took about dead last during all of the workouts.  In ~ 1972 I found Preludin (easy speed) in my home and for about 3 weeks I could swim as fast as anyone.  And, in 1995 Nancy Farmer the swim teacher at SLCC finally took my time; it was 0:53:17 in the 100 yard freestyle which is comprable to current world records.  

  I auditioned for a Professional Rock Band in San Francisco just before I was poisoned for the first time.  I was living with an LDS before that and becuase of the terrible experience I found that God is a dog and that all Mormons are really retarded morons.  


P.S.  My stepmother, Mary Lou Godbe, obviously has Down Syndrome and arranged for my poisoning.  The University of Utah Music College "is for the mentally retarded" - David Bowie and didn't give me any credit for playing a music instrument and referred to me as crazy.  I can't get them to reason that I need money and they don't think playing music professionally has anything to do with me and the Music College as a whole suggests that I try some other occupation.  I owe the University of Utah about $30,000.00 and so far have been told to take a minimum wage position.