Stupid box-truck

Stupid stupid box truck that makes an illegal left turn out from the u-turn lane in the median of a 6 lane highway. A u-turn lane which only exists so state troopers and emergency vehicles don't have to go 6 miles to the nearest exit in order to turn around and go the other way.

Stupid stupid white box-truck that in a virtually perpendicular move crosses the 3 north bound lanes of this highway, aims for the far right lane, and cuts me off while I'm going 70 mph in the middle lane.

Stupid stupid idiot box truck that crowds over into the shoulder while making a torturously slow left turn, pushing me further right so that my little Toyota Corolla hits the guard rail and blows a tire while I'm breaking desperately and avoiding hitting the damn box-truck.

Stupid stupid lame idiot can't-wait-10-seconds box-truck who could have waited until I had passed to try this manoever since the road behind me was clear for half a mile.

Stupid stupid selfish box-truck who was kind enough to run me off the road into a guard rail, and didn't stop to see if I was OK.

And I couldn't get the license plate number because my glasses flew off my face, into the passenger seat floor well, and were squashed under my book bag. Broken hinge, $250 for replacement frames, the only pair that wouldn't require new lenses and a 3 day wait. Damage to car estimate as yet unknown and won't be known until the garage can take a look at in in 7-10 days. Have to use them 'cause the insurance company won't pay for it otherwise. No injuries to person, but am HOPPING MAD. And here I am writing another day-log when I promised myself that I wouldn't for a long time.

Stupid box truck.