In my family tomatoes sauteed with eggs (imagine that spoken in American accented Mandarin) is one of our staple comfort foods. Served with plenty of rice, or sometimes plain rice porridge, it sooths our restless spirits and comforts our empty stomachs.

This is not really that different from mkb's recipe, and yet it is. Something about the technique and the focus of the dish is different. Perhaps because it is a Chinese American instead of Italian American take on a classic combination. Whatever it is, here is what we do.

You will need for each person: Note that these are all ballpark figures, I made this last night with 1 large tomato and 6 large eggs. I wouldn't recommend stretching it to that degree unless your tomato is enormous, as it turned out a bit dry.
3 extra large eggs
1 medium tomato
salt to taste
oil I use olive oil just 'cause
Optional ingredients: garlic a very small clove crushed or chopped
Potential condiments: freshly ground black pepper, Tabasco brand pepper sauce.
You will need for the cooking part:
A frying pan I use a cast iron dutch oven/chicken fryer 'cause, well I use it for just about everything.
A paddle, spatula or whatever it is you use to stir scrambled eggs. I use a bamboo rice paddle 'cause, well if you've seen any of my other recipes, I use that for just about everything too.
A bowl in which to beat the eggs and fork or whatever it is you choose with which to beat said eggs
A knife and cutting surface with which to cut up the tomato.

Cut the tomato up into largish pieces. Basically, if you cut a tomato into wedges and wouldn't consider putting a whole wedge in your mouth in polite society, cut said wedges in half.

Beat the eggs with a bit of salt while you heat the pan good and hot over medium high heat. Add some oil to the pan, enough to coat the bottom of the pan. Between 2 teaspoons and 1 tablespoon. When the oil is well and truly sizzling hot, scramble your eggs however you like, but don't overcook 'em. Stir them around until they are just cooked through, and perhaps a tad runny in spots. Immediately put the eggs back into the dish in which you had beaten them.

Now, add about a teaspoon of oil into the pan and get it good and hot again. If you are adding garlic, now is the time. Add a bit of salt to the pan and throw in the tomatoes. Stir them around a bit and cook them until they are just half soft. The edges will be wilting and the juices will be simmering. Throw the eggs back in and stir 'em around to break 'em up and coat the eggs with the tomato juices. Cook for just another minute or so until the eggs are completely cooked and thoroughly wedded to the tomatoes. Note that the tomatoes should still be coherently tomatoes, and not stewed. They are not intended to be a sauce, but rather a vegetable in this dish. They will exude juice which helps keep the eggs moist and fluffy, but don't look for a thick, spaghetti sauce texture.

Serve, if you are like me, with lots of fluffy, hot white rice and lashings of Tabasco sauce.