I'm not doing much in the general way of things. It's really busy this time of year, and I've got papers etc. hanging over my head. Nevertheless, a few things have caught my attention, and I'll catalogue them here.

Red Pen: Typos, grammatical or spelling errors, etc., for fled or absent noders. Everyone who's been around in the last 10 days, I msg instead.
eucalyptus; Seamus Heaney; father figure; Ernie Kovacs; GB Xchanger; Classical Economics Reconsidered; Heroin (I deliberately avoided 2 of the wus, one because I can't figure out if the tense shifts are deliberate and the other because it was making my brain hurt); thermite; third-tier pretty boy (I wanted to take it out, but restrained myself);
Funeral Parlor: deletions.
AriZona Mocha Latté and AriZona Latté Supreme by tres equis (label transcriptions); You put your weed in there (per golFUR's request); sterling hayden by paddlefoot (accidental empty wu, someone fixed the capitalization); Why the world needs politicians by PsychIdiot (rampant typos and grammatical errors, and a weak, cyclical argument); Forbidden Planet (per Quizro's request); Woody Allen by allegory (list of quotations); Ladder-Jump by ThatGuy (vague and incomplete without ladder theory, made some suggestions for improvement)
Directing Traffic: The rare and beautiful firm link
Blue Pill to Blue Mass
Reincarnation: taken down so that it can come back better than before
I Came into the Unknown by eclectic (not copyright compliant, discussed it with the noder).

Mentees: A Feeble Mind (not around); Eusebio.