I am scattered this month. More than usual. I've been sitting in the catbox jawing and not much else. Greeted many, given some advice, talked and talked and talked. Several of the new blood seem quite taken with E2, and eager to explore and participate. Several seem rather less inclined to understand how we tick before experimenting. It's all "good," although some of it is more exhausting than others. All in all, everyone's been polite at least with the private msgs. There's been some heat in the catbox, but it's not one sided. Get a few newbies with opinions and some noders with set ways and it can become heated quickly. A little cantankerous, but largely civil.


I'll be using this entry for the whole year, assuming I last that long as an editor!

Funeral parlor: Jan: Hacettepe University by mtg (newbie effort, msged advice); full of fish? by seudoname (newbie effort, msged advice); false belief by Sebow; Manos, the Hands of Fate by seshperankh (newbie effort, explained why); US Highway 48 by jizz (superseded); Mucho by Mighterbump; clementine by Nailbunny (superseded). Feb: writeup by Ashoni Lamaj Ziva (newbie effort); Roikushu's first 7 wus (newbie); 4 by BjaOckX (nonsense); 1967 Astoria, Queens NY P.S. Fires by metylman (newbie); runcible spoon by Ignis (insufficient content) and masukomi (superseded); Thai girls by Naturelle (newbie). Mar: blazing7th first 2 wus (newbie); Yma Sumac by mrsumac (newbie); Prophet of Doom by Uri E Bakay (list); Trilby by dollyroux (newbie). April: Learning Teacher philosophy by ForOnePurposeOnly (newbie c&p); Joel of Moore by Joel of Moore (newbie). June: Car crash commercials by infi (newbie); Jat by neoanderson (newbie, cr-c&p); Why does everyone sue everyone else in the USA? by mat_catastrophe (per request); Is the world going to end, well I'm taking bets by Tyrantuser1208 (newbie). July: NaviServer by groks (newbie c&p); smurflings by darwinfish (newbie); MML_City_Information_Page by dsharber (newbie c&p). September: plonk by eddieb (unlinked, v. little content) quilt block by The Soup Nazi (newbie, content undeveloped, unlinked). Cuius Regio Eius Religio by starryknight (misposted to the wrong title), EOD by lola_crayola (newbie, lack of content). October: Words that are supposedly untranslatable by heya (newbie), Noise Performances Music by bentmonkeycage (newbie, content undeveloped, unlinked), The truth about SNL by rabryan (obdurate newbie), rank by bigmouth_strikes (superceded), Smack My Bitch Up by Killer_86 (newbie, gtky, undeveloped, unlinked), Serial Experiments Lain by pjn (newbie, redirection to url), reforestize by seekingwisdom (newbie, all the usual), Using Yerba Mate to get over a cold by jvlokt (newbie, undeveloped), book reviews by lilshortee (newbie, unlinked, mistitled), fried abortion by TRyP, J├Ągermeister by hojimoji, Mojo Nixon by ryano (superceded) and by mat catastrophe (accidental double posting from reparenting), Comedy Gods by student2 (trolling), unable to write and Nothing comes to mind. by stoOpiDgenIUs (newbie, gtky, response), Golden Rose Of Montreux by fire_24 (contentless, newbie), Feeling Blue by Express (GTKY, newbie). November: chamernugs, An irony of cosmic significance, Double D, Bitchs by OuT2FaR (obdurate newbie/troll), getting over him when hes already over you. by Silver826 (newbie), Stars by AaronStJ (copyright), October 9, 2004 June 4, 2005 November 29, 2005 Smoked salmon and Petoskey, Michigan by iamkaym (per noder request), Miles Davis by Dr. Mojo (newbie). December: Budda by Hephaestos (title typo, newbie, etc.), Life returns when death has a sole, XTC', XTC, Serenity by Sativarg (newbie, unlinked, unproofed, incomprehensible content etc.) Megadeth by both WrathS (fled, no links, little info) and neleanor (newbie-linkless, low content, many typos), Iron Maiden by vladkornea (blank), delusions of childhood by neleanor (newbie, grammar/spelling, etc.), bacon by Eldarie (newbie, linkless, low content, typos, wrong location), Peist by New User (newbie, contentless, linkless), Remembering Bain. by DegenerateAlias (newbie, unformatted, unlinked, typo/error-ridden, re-posted w/o improvement), Asset Forfeiture Laws by schizosax (newbie, linkless, low content, typos), my self by m19 (newbie, linkless, contentless, typos, etc.) RedDot by chalamah (contentless, etc. newbie), Living Like Weasels by adder (accidental duplicate, removed extra), B*Tree by sniazi (newbie, contentless), Sardinia and Ramessu by farcalled (very low in relevant content, linkless), thought-fu by Mr_Soul (newbie, low content).

Red pen: Tolkien's languages by cethiesus (added editor's note with correction); supertaster by HippieChick (corrected consistent misspelling, and msg user. Last seen 2.3m); William Powell by Auguste Maquet (fled, corrected typos); Chinese style dumpling (added editor's note with missing ingredient, I'd like to nuke the recipe, but it's the only one with a dough recipe listed); Food should not be luminous by Pyrogenic (last seen 4.2mos, fixed minor typo).

Typesetting: Games Workshop by Helmut (modified some tags do they display better, did not change actual appearance of wu).

Directing Traffic: Chinese style dumpling to jiaozi.

Freeze Framing: If Satan is the prince of darkness, then who is the king?, When you call a girl beautiful, what does it mean?.