The rules of shura are used to solve every problem that a group of individuals faces starting from within the family, to the problems of the community and continuing even to the political affairs of a country.

The layout of shura is such, all the people who are responsible for making a decision and/or have some special ability or skill regarding the matter by which the decision is going to be made will form a group. This group will have one Amir. The Amir's responsibility is to hear the opinion of all the people in the group. Each person has the complete freedom to give his opinion. An individual doesn't have to be in agreement with the the Amir's opinion nor the opinion of any of the other individuals in the group. After every person has given their opinion the Amir has to take those opinions and form a precursory decision. This decision has to be made according to what he sees beneficial for the public. His decision does not need to be the same as the opinion that he originally presented to the group, nor any of the other opinions that where presented in the group. This leaves room for the possibiliy of a combination of several opinions, this is usually the outcome. Once the amir has made his precursory decision he has to let the others know what decision he has made. If there is any need of further discussion the opinions will be heard and the precursory decision will be modified accourdingly. If there is no room for any further discussion the Amir's decision will then become a rule. This decision, of course, must be in accourdance with sharia.

After the decision is made, every person's actions must be in accourdance with the Amir's decision, even if his opinion was different. The Amir's decision is a rule which must be enforced by all individuals. Any person can voice, be it in public or private, that his opinion is different then that of the Amir. Nevertheless, the rule cannot be openly broken.

I understand that there is a crucial piece of information missing here, and that is, rules for the selection of an Amir. I hope to do this at a later date. My apologies.