Life is a brand of cereal make by Quaker Oats. It consists of latticed squares of sweetened wholegain oat cereal. It is very similar to Shreddies in appearance.

The added sugar is the chief draw of the cereal for kids; the taste is nothing to write home about otherwise.

Like most cereals, Life is an excellent source of Iron. (However, if you're eating cereal for the Iron content, drink some orange juice with it. Grains have non-heme iron, which isn't as easily absorbed as heme iron, but which is better absorbed when taken with vitamin C.) Life is also a good source (ie, more than 10% of daily recommended intake per serving) of Calcium, which is an unusual claim for a cereal to make. (And maybe worth ignoring the 21% sugar by weight for..)

There is also a sister cereal called "Cinnamon Life", identical but for the addition of cinnamon.