Okay, not totally off the paxil. I got a bad case of the dizzies again this weekend, so now this week I will take half a dose every second day, and then try to stop again.

Boy moved in last night. Late, after I turned the lights out and went to bed. Now I have hugs on tap, it's nice. I don't think I woke him up this morning at 5:30am when I leave for work, which can only be good. He's changed his schedule a bit too for the inevitable mornings when I do wake him up, he's going to work early today. Apparently a coworker of his drives right by my house on the way to work every day anyhow. Convenient, convenient.

Markets are all kooky. TSE is up right now, amazing. Dow is down down down, 600 points and now is creeping back up and now is creeping back down. So far we have had one client do the panic thing and sell a bunch of stocks. Oh clients, please don't do that. You will regret it next week or next month or maybe as soon as tomorrow. We try to talk them out of it, but what can we do? It's their money. Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.

I fried up some eggplant last night. I have decided I hate the texture of eggplant forever, and it makes me want to vomit. Yuck. I will now stop eating eggplant except for the one dish at Habibi's, which somehow transcends the eggplant curse of being mooshy and gross.

I will exercise today, maybe. Exercise has been on hold during the dizzies. But oh, I am missing it now.