Good times: reading the prize list for a "Win a Total Life Makeover!" contest and realizing.. "hey, I don't want any of this. I am really happy with my life the way it is."

aw bjyeah. that's pretty sweet.

I am a big fat smartypants and I got the top mark in the class on my chemistry midterm. I'm hoping this will magically affect my mark on the math midterm I took yesterday. It was on pink paper, which is bad, but in the end I got an answer for every question, which was better than my panicky self envisioned as I looked at the list of questions, some involving trig functions which I last reviewed in the pre-cambrian era.

Kids are so smily. I got waved at yesterday by a soccer team in a school bus, a convoy of tricyclin' toddlers at the daycare at school, I got smiled at by a little girl on the bus, and I got drooled at by a baby on the elevator. Whee! The tricycle gang looked like they had life totally figured out. I bet they do. Kids are just as smart as me, I just have a better database. Or a bigger database, anyhow. It's so easy to think kids and seniors are stupid. I vow now to try my best (uh oh.. Brownie flashback!) to not. Think that.

Leelee! I'm out of fruit! Help!