Happy Hallowe'en, kids.

I'm dressed up as a Yam!

I feel weak. I can't decide if it's hypochondria, or the effect of donating blood on the weekend. Will someone send me an iron-cookie? (thanks mitchevious)

Interestingly enough, giving blood has been linked with a lowered risk of heart disease in men just recently. Is iron evil? Those triathletes always seemed dodgy to me. Oooh, and some elite british scientists say they've found a cure for rheumatoid arthritis. Fuckin' eh! My granny was in horrible pain at the end of her life, but now mom and dad won't have to be. Science marches on.

Am I seeing spots because I'm dying a painful death of um.. faintness, or did I look at the lightbulb for too long? Free me from this paranoid plane of terror! Auggggghh!

Everyone go give blood. My hypochondria aside, it's such a rewarding experience, and it's desperately needed. Little children with cancer will thank you.

ohh, I feel much better now that I've eaten dinner.